All hair services include:

  • An in-depth consultation
  • Sensory Journey, which is a head neck and shoulder massage using our own unique healing shell essences
  • A specialised shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type and individual needs
  • A cup of your chosen Source wholeness Tea.

Cut & Style

Creative director (Cutting Specialist): $146
Creative Stylist: $140
Stylist: from $132


Creative director (Cutting Specialist): $165
Creative Stylist: $152
Stylist: $147

Gents Cut

Creative director (Cutting Specialist): $82
Creative Stylist: $82
Stylist: $75

Gents Restyle

Price: $91

Blow Dry Short Hair

Price: $86

Blow Dry Long/Thick

Price: $96

Blow dry curls with irons

Price: $115

Curls with irons (no blow dry)

Price: $79

Curls Added to Cut and Style

Price: $25

Long Hair Add on

Price: $15

Curls add on to cut/irons

Price: $25

All our colours are up to 98% naturally derived from plants, and completely cruelty free . Our innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage free and infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking hair.

We develop and mix your hair colour specifically for you and your individual needs.

Regrowth Tint (permanent and Demi)

Price: $115

Regrowth Tint and Glossing

Price: $175

All over colour short

Price: $155

All over colour Medium

Price: $175

All over colour Long

Price: $199

T bar/hairline and tint

Price: $82

Masking around the face add on

Price: $25

Full head Glossing / Shine

Price: $105

Regrowth Tint and Glossing

Price: $175

Foils with glossing add on

From $65

Colour Refresh add on

Price: $20


From $265

Comb on Balayage

Price: $199

Regrowth Tint and Comb On

Price: $199

Regrowth Bleach

Price: $128

Partial foils / parting only

From $125

Half head foils

From $182

Three quarters

From $205

Full head

From $245

Long hair add on

From $25

Malibu makeover for colour correction/change of colour

DDL Vegan colour removal/strong From $120
CPR Vegan colour removal/mild. From $120
Chlorine removal $50
Hard water removal $50
Blonde Brightening $50
Product / colour build up removal $50
Malibu crystals for shine and over toned blondes $80

Tap the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India) and combine the power of touch with aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp – the foundation for beautiful hair.

Botanical Repair (30 mins)

Transform your hair with molecular repair for double the strength! This treatment repairs the hair from the inside out, going three layers deep to help significantly rewind the key signs of damage, leaving the hair healthier, softer, and shiny.

Price: $70

Mini Botanical Repair (10 mins)

Price: $40

Nutriplenish (10 mins)

72 hours of nutrien-powered hydration and shine, hair will feel supple, soft, conditioned and hydrated.

Price $40

Pramasana (30 mins)

Reduces scalp flakiness, redness, irritation, balances sebum levels to maintain the purity of the scalp, help preserve the scalp barrier and protect the scalp from pollution and other free radicals.

Price $65

Botanical Repair and Pramasana

Price $99

Damage remedy intensive masque

Intensive treatment packed with quinoa protein to target damaged hair strands , which then strengthens the hair with deep repair helping reinforce the integrity of the hair.

Price: $35


Unique Dream Weave ™

“The Smallest Seam Weave EVER to hit the Market”

One Colour Ombre
16 inch (50g) $280 $320
20 inch (50g) $380 $420
24 inch (50g) $480 $520

The Dream Weave is the smallest invisible weave on the market and is 100% highest grade human hair that is ethically sourced.

As its 100% natural hair you can straighten, curl, and colour the hair as you wish.

With the correct care, maintenance, and products your ‘Dream Weave™’ can last up to a year or even longer.

Being human hair, it will need to be cut a little after 4-6 month as it may split. Also being human hair, each batch may vary slightly when colouring and styling as all hair responds differently.

The biggest question is when do you need to replace your “Dream Weave” extensions – the answer is when you want to be thicker and longer again.

Maintenance is recommended every 7 weeks our European Dream Weave is fine enough to blend naturally with most hair types and able to withstand styling and everyday wear in our Australian climate.

In the hair extension world, there is no truer saying than “you get what you pay for”

In time you’ll see the difference and know it was worth it!

Hair Extensions first placement $450

Maintenance from $299

24 hours notice must be given when cancelling an appointment, otherwise 50% of your total bill will be added to your next appointment.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”
Coco Chanel