I’ve returned to this salon after trying another hairdresser for a long time which I wasn’t 100% happy with, my hair colour and style was looking a bit worse for wear! I was greeted back at the Source with such a warm welcome which was what I needed! Jess did such an amazing job with my colour, fixing my blonde colour so it blended beautifully with my natural me (greys ) coming through. Sophia then worked her magic with making sure the colour was perfect, and restyled my hair along with some lovely pampering which left me feeling like a new women and very spoilt!! The experience and service you receive at this beautiful Salon is beyond any treatment you will ever get anywhere else in Perth! The expertise that Sophia has is amazing , she simply “gets it “ with what you are needing and wanting with your hair, and she goes that extra mile to get it perfect ! I am so happy to be back at the Source and will not go anywhere else ever again! It is truly a wonderful relaxing experience going to this Salon and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a really good hairdresser, because they are hard to find these days and I can honestly say you will love the hairdressers at the Source …. oh and the Salon itself is something else you just have to see for yourself !! Where else can you go that has a huge round table in the centre of the salon to enjoy a pot of herbal tea, plus a water feature, and beautifully carved statues…yep ! It’s a must see beautiful place for sure 🙂


In my experience finding a good hairdresser is hard but finding a great hairdresser is almost impossible so once more I searched good ol Google for the ‘best hairdressers in Perth’ in the hope of finding this rare breed. Amongst others The Source was a name that came up again and it just sounded right & even better it was close to home. I did my ‘due diligence’, read all the reviews and I have to confess I even did ‘the drive by’ with a friend. Having long greying hair the decision to cut it all off and go short is a hard, if not a scary adventure but I need not have worried. The moment I walked into the Salon it felt just right. It was beautifully set out, the girls were professional and friendly and they made you feel right at home. Sophia (the owner) was amazing and made me feel so at ease with my decision and wow I have to say it was the best cut I have had in many a year. She knew exactly what would look good on me but also listened to what I had to say as well. She is an amazing person with an innate knowledge of people and hair and yes this Salon is on the expensive side but like good food and good wine, if you want the best, and more importantly, get the best, the cost is irrelevant! I am absolutely thrilled with my hair and I now even love my natural colour of silver and grey and funnily enough I look and feel younger. Source, you now have me for life 🙂 🙂 🙂


My visit today to The Source for the first time was nothing short of amazing. I can honestly not fault it at all. Was such a beautiful experience with the different sensory experiences at the beginning and the end of my appointment… The atmosphere was so harmonious and all the staff were a delight.  I normally want the quickest service as sitting around for so long just becomes boring BUT I didn’t want to leave, 31/2 hrs flew by and I left feeling fantastic! Thoroughly recommended The Source, not only for a fantastic hair ‘ makeover’ but also for the ultimate experience. “ a little hidden gem in North Beach



I’ve noticed signs recently that promote companies that ‘specialise’ in ‘new’ clients. This got me thinking – one of the reasons I have been a long time client of ‘The Source’ is that apart from the great hair cuts and expert advice, I am always treated as a ‘new client’. The service I receive today is as great as the day I first entered (probably 6 yrs ago now), and this is something that you don’t often find – don’t you hate it when you become part of the furniture and watch all the ‘newbie’ clients receiving all the attention? Well done Sophie and team for always making me feel like a ‘new’ client with warm and welcoming staff, fabulous hair, and for the total pampering. Five stars!!


Sophia is a Master hair stylist, she is a conduit between your desires and your hair. She listens to the ideas you have for your look, helping to refine those ideas with you and then brings them to life with careful cutting and styling. The Aveda hair products are perfect, with no harsh synthetics or chemicals, they speak to my need to take care of my hair and the environment all at once. It is a beautifully relaxing salon with a philosophy of care and excellence. I absolutely trust all of the staff at The Source because I know that they genuinely listen. I always leave The Source feeling refreshed and renewed.


This wonderful hair salon is a little tucked away but when you have found it you will be glad you have. I have been getting my hair styled and coloured here for 18 months and I would not go anywhere else. My hair has never looked so good and healthy. All the staff are very professional and extremely helpful and easy to get on with. The experience is never rushed and every attention is taken to every detail. There is an amazing sense of calm and relaxation, I always leave feeling a million dollars.


‘The Source – more than just a hairdressing experience! Your appointment is for a haircut, but you come out having been renewed from the inside out. Sophia and her team are SIMPLY THE BEST….better that all the rest…..throughout the whole of Perth.


Experience the rewards of the professional team as they advise and restore your hair to a very high standard. I have been a client for many years and continue to get many compliments.

Elvie Cartmell

Highly recommend this salon. Love coming here, all the staff are very welcoming and friendly and the Aveda products are just simply the best (no nasties!) You really feel like you have been pampered.