We are so excited to announce Kim rejoining the Source family

Hello, to THE SOURCE family. I am so excited to be welcomed back!
Some of you may remember me from the Joondalup store when I worked with Sophia and her team back in 2016.
My time there was fantastic, I loved everything about THE SOURCE, such a unique hair salon that transports you on a journey of hair luxury… I love the ‘spa like’ essence of the salon.

Unfortunately at that stage of my life I had a new born and had to prioritise being a Mum. Now my children are 8 and 5 and in full time school. So now I can return to the salon I loved so much back then but now in an even more exceptional location!

A bit about me, I’m a Yorkshire lass. I was first introduced to Australia at age 10. I knew from then, that Australia is where I wanted my future to be.
This, in fact, is what directed me into the art of hairdressing.

Fortunately for me I found my niche! Hairdressing is my passion. Every aspect brings a different level of enjoyment. Styling hair is such a creative outlet and building relationships with my clients has such strong meaning to me.

My favourite parts of hairdressing are forever adapting, however currently I thrive on creating seamless and natural coloured hair. Effortless blending of tones and depths that leaves people question if you are just blessed with perfect hair!

I look forward to meeting you all and to be in-trusted with your locks at your next appointment. Kim