A question we get asked from time to time.
“I’d like to book in for a trim, I don’t need a haircut”

It’s not about the length we’re cutting off. Whether it’s a 1cm or 5, the time spent on sectioning and cutting is the same for a ‘trim’ and regular haircut. Because of this, stylists cannot afford to discount a service that takes just as much time and effort.
Tools? Yes, they’re identical! From scissors to combs to brushes, we stylists use the same tools for all kinds of cuts. Our scissors are extremely pricey and can range from $100 – $4,000+
Expertise matters! When you see a hairstylist, you’re working with a trained professional who had to invest in their education to be licensed. So, the next time you wonder why trims and haircuts share the same price tag, know that it’s a service that takes time, expertise, and specialty tools to achieve your cut.