How amazing does Linda look embracing her natural colour?! ?

Not long ago, Linda made a big decision to cut majority of her hair off to embrace her natural colour! With the help of our creative stylist – Kelly, Linda was able to confidently rock her new hairstyle!
Here is a lovely review left by Linda… We are so grateful to have been able to leave you with so much love in your heart ♥️

“OMG!! Never fail to impress girls. I came in today wanting a complete overhaul with the additional challenge of wanting to transition to grey but still looking stylish and put together. Sophia and Kelly had a chat and the results are fantastic!! My heart was beating out of my chest but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am now confident to rock my greys!! Thank you again Kelly for taking the time to not only walk me through the process but also putting your busy schedule aside to make me over!!” – Linda