✨Discover how to nourish your skin from within✨
Collagen Elixir is a favourite of ours and yours! It sells out so quickly and with good reason. Collagen Elixir is marine collagen with added magnesium, zinc and organic blueberries to promote hormone balance and provide a delicious taste.
Have you thought of adding Curcumin to your daily protocol?
Curcumin is known for enhancing the bioavailability of collagen, meaning that it can help the body absorb and utilize collagen more effectively. This could potentially increase the benefits of collagen supplementation and improve the overall health outcomes.
What is Curcumin Forte?
Miss Vitalities Curcumin Forte is a blend of apple cider vinegar and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that can help protect your body from free radical damage, improve cellular health, and support connective tissue formation. Plus, it plays a role in collagen formation and assists in the healing and repairing of the skin.
Together these two products can work wonders for reducing inflammation and improving microcirculation to the skin!
Available for purchase at The Source Hairdressing, your holistic hairdressing salon.