Introducing a Brand New Concept for the Hairdressing Industry .

” Counselling & Hairdressers “

A one day course created by Sophia and Jen which addresses the ” Hidden Skill Gap ” in the hairdressing industry.

Watch Sophia Clewley and Jenny de Oliveira in their new podcast talking about their new endeavour.

Thank you to the Australian Hairdressing Coucil for having us on your podcast.

Blurb from their youtube page:

“Do you consider yourself a counsellor as well as a hairdresser?

There is no doubt that there is a hidden skill gap when it comes to doing a client’s hair, then being prepared to handle and deal with what they tell us or offload onto us. Cancer, depression, grief and loss, anger, suicide, abuse, mental health issues… and so the list goes on.

As hairdressers, we love our clients – well many of them anyway – and it’s in our nature to try and help where we can. But often we don’t know how to help, what to say, or how to respond appropriately. Not to mention, there is a certain ‘burden’ to your own wellbeing when someone confides in you. Multiply that several times a week, and the load can be unbearable.

In today’s episode we chat to a couple of experts in this field who are hairdressers as well as counsellors / mentors / coaches in this space. Say hi to Jenny de Oliveira and Sophia Clewley from SJ Heart Collective, as they share with us advice on how to bridge that hidden skill gap between being a hairdresser and a counsellor. The ladies will also give you some helpful tips on how to look after you and your client when it comes to communicating on subjects of such a delicate and personal nature.”