As it is New Moon, no better time than to launch our NEW Source Wholeness Teas…☕⁠

Introducing our 2 Premium Blends ⁠

ANXIETEE- Calm me⁠

This amazing Nervous System Tonic may assist in balancing the Mind, Body & Spirit during challenging times, for the Whole Family ( 5 years and up ).⁠

SERENITEE- De-Stress Me⁠

Relax & Unwind with this Beautiful, Calming Tea.⁠
Let the stresses of the day float away.⁠

This is our Royal Blend, created for the purpose of healing & protection for these times of the virus.⁠

This healing tea provides you with an abundance of Shikimic Acid & Shikimate, Antioxidants, Prebiotics & Anti-Inflammatory properties.⁠

Reserve your tea by calling Lauren on 94472242? ⁠