Tulasāra Skin Care…

Restore, refresh and brighten each morning.

Glow always! You can visibly transform your skin using this range!

Dry brush with your very own exfoliating brush.

Radiant oleation oil: Nourish and restore skin’s radiance with a 97% naturally derived blend of six plant oils designed to be massaged into skin after facial dry brushing to help promote micro-circulation, nourish and restore skin’s radiance.

Firm concentrate: Skin feels firmer and lines and wrinkles look diminished, Helps skin feel instantly tighter.

Bright Concentrate: Instantly restore radiance and visibly even skin tone and reduce discoloration overtime.

Calm Concentrate: Soothe skin and make it more resilient with this serum. The algae extract in this product helps reduce the look of redness and irritation, while pomegranate fruit extracts are known for its soothing properties.