Miss Vitality – Nourish your skin from within!

Following on with The Source philosophy of “Beauty within as without” we are proud to announce we are now collaborating with Miss Vitality.

Miss Vitality in an innovative health system bridging wellness and beauty to unleash your true magnificence.

You can now purchase ;

  • Elevate, which is a plant based protein and super food blend which will have your skin glowing and your gut clean.
  • Good oil, supports your body to achieving clearer skin, sourced from sardines, anchovies and whitebait which are a more sustainable source and they contain lower levels of heavy metals.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10, essential for energy production, reducing stress and helps to regenerate vitamin E to its antioxidant form.
  • Illumination formula, assists the nervous system and contains selenium that helps to support healthy thyroid function.
  • Resveratrol, helps maintain healthy blood circulation and assists in maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Curcumin forte, supports digestive function, relieves minor joint inflammation and helps with healing and repairing the skin.

We are now stocking all of these amazing products in store, for more information call us on 94472242.