My heart fills with so much gratitude when I read reviews like this .Thank you Jenny from all of us at The Source ♥️

“In my experience finding a good hairdresser is hard but finding a great hairdresser is almost impossible so once more I searched good ol Google for the ‘best hairdressers in Perth’ in the hope of finding this rare breed.
Amongst others The Source was a name that came up again and it just sounded right & even better it was close to home. I did my ‘due diligence’, read all the reviews and I have to confess I even did ‘the drive by’ with a friend.
Having long greying hair the decision to cut it all off and go short is a hard, if not a scary adventure but I need not have worried. The moment I walked into the Salon it felt just right. It was beautifully set out, the girls were professional and friendly and they made you feel right at home.
Sophia (the owner) was amazing and made me feel so at ease with my decision and wow I have to say it was the best cut I have had in many a year. She knew exactly what would look good on me but also listened to what I had to say as well. She is an amazing person with an innate knowledge of people and hair and yes this Salon is on the expensive side but like good food and good wine, if you want the best, and more importantly, get the best, the cost is irrelevant!
I am absolutely thrilled with my hair and I now even love my natural colour of silver and grey and funnily enough I look and feel younger.
Source, you now have me for life ? ? ?”

Rated 5.0 out of 5