We are very excited to introduce Debbie Wilkinson to the Source Family from the 25th of July.♥️ Debbie is a Naturopath that uses Iridology as a diagnosis tool to provide an insight into what’s going on in your body right now and what your weak areas are. Through interpretation of your iris signs Debbie will be able to determine pathological, structural, functional and emotional disturbances within the body.

Iridology allows us to identify signs of:

Stages of Inflammation and degeneration
Digestive health
Inherent weaknesses or strengths
Nutritional Deficiencies
Accumulated toxins and where they may be located
Detoxification issues
Areas of Injury
Circulation and lymphatic irregularities
Tissue vitality (Constitutional strength, ‘Vital Force’)
Tissue reactivity (How well your body can heal)

Many deficiencies and toxicity issues can be addressed with dietary changes and naturopathic supplementation of necessary vitamins, minerals and herbal medicine. This all helps to bring the body back into balance.

The first initial 30 minute consultation is $70 and this includes a photo of your eyes. The follow up 60 minute consultation is $120 and this includes printed eye photos and report, report explanation dietary and lifestyle recommendations and recommended supplements.

Please phone the salon on (08) 9447 2242 in regards to booking your appointment 🙌